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Computron EMC 950F

Dell EMC VMAX 950F

With performance of up to 6.7 million IOPS, the EMC VMAX 950F is ideal for the mission-critical modern enterprise data center.  Scale up to meet the demands of today’s mission-critical workloads with the high performance and a massive capacity up to 8 V-Bricks and 4 PB of EFC. Each VMAX All Flash model offers advanced 3D NAND flash, Intel Xeon multi-core processors, InfiniBand 56 Gb/s interconnect technology, and native 6 or 12 Gb/s SAS drive infrastructure.  Flash Boost technology eliminates bottlenecks to deliver the high performance for read-intense OLTP applications while leveraging huge write caching to drive down response times on heavy write workloads.  Engineered with optimized rich data services, incredible reliability, and industry leading universal support, EMC VMAX 950F All Flash defines the modern data center.

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