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Computron Business Phone Systems

Computron is an advanced IT network and telecommunications company.  Since 1994, Computron has installed and supported the highest quality and most affordable business phone systems for SMB, Corporate, Enterprise, Government and Educational Institutions. Computron has teamed with the world leaders in IP business phone systems to provide complete and affordable enterprise and SMB on-premise, hybrid, and hosted solutions.  By deploying essential communications and adding the latest meeting and messaging services, Computron provides a complete collaboration solution. Should you need assistance with an existing phone system issue or to request a free quotation or site visit for a new phone system, please email us at or call us at (314) 306-6410.

Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems for the 

St. Louis and St. Louis Metro Area

Business phone systems are no longer just devices that make calls. IP telephony utilizing Unified Communications now brings businesses together with their customers across the world with always on, anytime, anywhere, collaboration solutions.  For many years, businesses used the old PSTN copper phone lines to place calls between individuals and businesses.  Then 20 years ago, Voice over IP or VoIP emerged to serve as a means of using the internet to save money on long distance and international calls. This led to revolutionary changes in the way the world communicates and the way that business is done.  A single voice-only phone call began to evolve into an immense multi-platform communications system that would soon come to span the globe.  Computron Incorporated began installing phone systems for St. Louis businesses in 1994.  At that time, Voice over IP emerged and by allowing phone systems to now run-on local networks, through WANs, and on the internet, a whole new world of communications called IP telephony exponentially expanded the capabilities of the business phone system into an advanced Unified Communications (UC) system.  Since telephones could now run-on IP networks, phones could now also interface with computers and unlimited quantities of voice, video, wireless, and mobile devices.  This brought the world to face to face communications, anytime, anyplace, in real-time. In such a short time the world became much smaller and the way that business is done changed forever.  Business became far more productive almost instantly.  For over 25 years, Computron Incorporated has been providing customized business phone systems for small, mid-sized, and enterprise customers throughout the St. Louis and St. Louis-Metro Area.  Computron installs and supports Cisco, ESI, Allworx, and other leading affordable VoIP phone systems.  In addition to on-premise phone systems that you will own and have installed on-site, Computron also installs and supports hybrid and hosted telephone solutions.  Computron has locations in St. Louis, Missouri, and in Edwardsville, O’Fallon, and Belleville, Illinois to provide your organization with an experienced local St. Louis Business Phone Service Partner.  Should you need assistance with a phone system issue or to request a free quotation or site visit for a new phone system, please email us at or call us at (314) 306-6410.

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