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Cisco Business Phone Systems

In the enterprise, the phone is no longer just an instrument to make calls with. Cisco has now made the business phone a powerful device that is a central part of their advanced unified communication system (UCS). Cisco’s UCS provides voice, video, data and mobile phone applications that stream information across the globe at lightning speeds.  ​Small businesses have many of the same needs as the enterprise when it comes to IP telephony.  Cisco is the world leader in enterprise and SMB on-premise, hybrid, and hosted IP business phone systems.  Cisco business phone systems are simple to use, easy to manage, and very cost effective.  Should you need assistance with an existing phone system or need to request a free quotation or on-site visit for a new phone system, please email us at or call us at  (314) 306-6410.

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Most modern small business phone systems today run on IP networks.  This is the same network that organizations use to connect their employees, devices, and information resources.  By no longer being limited and isolated to a stand-alone phone system network, this gives the opportunity to expand the traditional business phone system into a powerful collaboration solution that brings voice, video, data, and messaging onto an advanced unified communications platform.  Cisco is the world’s largest manufacturer of IP phone systems with over 100 million phones in use around the globe.  Furthermore, Cisco business phone systems are rated by Gartner as by far the best business phone system on the market today.

The Cisco IP phone portfolio includes user-friendly, full-featured IP phones that will meet all of the needs of your organization.  Cisco offers three platform models to provide a complete line of solutions for small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses.

The Cisco ISR series of business phone systems is designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses with up to 150 users.  With a Cisco phone solution your organization can collaborate in real-time, using many feature-rich applications for a simple and consistent user experience.  Cisco ISR provides all the essential communication and collaboration capabilities you need to grow key business relationships, reduce your communications costs, and improve productivity. 

Cisco Business Edition (BE) 6000 and 7000 series business phone systems provide for companies that have from 25 up to thousands of employees.  The Cisco BE phone system solutions consist of one or more modular, stackable servers so you can easily add more capacity to support additional users.  Because they utilize virtualization technology, they can pack a lot of collaboration tools into a small form factor.

Computron Incorporated installs customized Cisco business phone systems for small, mid-sized, and enterprise customers throughout the St. Louis and St. Louis-Metro Area.  Computron has locations in St. Louis, Missouri, and in Edwardsville, O’Fallon, and Belleville, Illinois to provide your organization with an experienced local St. Louis Business Phone System Partner.  Should you need assistance with a phone system issue or to request a free quotation or site visit for a new phone system, please email us at or call us at (314) 306-6410.