Computron Corporate IT Solutions

Voice and data networks have become integral parts of Corporate America’s strategic assets.  In order to succeed in today’s competitive business world, companies must effectively integrate these complex converged information and communications systems.  It is essential to embrace the virtualized world and continually move forward on an ever-evolving journey to maximize the efficiency of your on-premise, hybrid, and cloud network infrastructures.  Let integrated collaboration and today’s technologies allow your organization to work intuitively and bring your people together anywhere, any time, on any device.  Computron brings together voice, data and video on a single IP network platform that integrates applications, lowers total operating costs, and optimizes productivity for corporate businesses.



Communications Systems

The corporate world has seen an exponential change take place in the advancement of network and communications technologies in the last few years.  Then Covid-19 came along and accelerated those advancements to where over a decade of change has been condensed into just a year or two.  The way that corporate business is done has been suddenly and extensively changed forever.  Now more than ever it is true that your business must change or be left behind.  The new technologies must be rapidly learned, embraced, and implemented in order to survive and thrive.  Yesterday’s static communications system has now been changed into an elaborate and highly dynamic collaboration system.  The old technology that mainly consisted of just a simple telephone system has evolved into a much larger advanced unified platform that includes voice, video, data, wireless, and conferencing all in a unified package that runs on a single IP network.  Computron Incorporated turns the fear of change into the power of success.  Computron installs the latest advanced unified communications solutions from Cisco, ESI, Allworx, and many others leading manufacturers to provide the best business phone systems for corporations in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and the St. Louis Metro Area.  In addition to the best line of on-premise phone systems, Computron also sells the best Hosted and Hybrid Corporate phone solutions.  Computron serves the following St. Louis Area Communities:

  • Richmond Heights

  • Clayton

  • Maplewood

  • Jennings

  • University City

  • Creve Coeur

  • Ladue

  • St. Charles

  • Fenton

  • Saint Ann

  • Valley Park

  • Maryland Heights

  • Bridgeton

  • Saint Peters

  • High Ridge

  • Hazelwood

  • Pacific

  • Lake Saint Louis

  • Florrisant

  • Arnold

  • Imperial

  • Eureka

Collaboration is the next realm of technological advancement for corporate communications and Computron is leading the way. Should your company need assistance with a phone system issue or to request a free quotation or site visit for a new phone system, please email us at or call us at (314) 306-6410.