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Computron Allworx Business Phone Systems Connect 731

The Allworx Connect 731 phone system is the flagship of the Allworx line and is designed for companies with up to 180 users per site.  The 731 system comes standard with voicemail that includes unified messaging 30 user licenses that scale up to 180 users.  The 731 will support up to 60 concurrent external calls and includes a T1 Port.  The system is an amazing and affordable on-site business phone system that serves as your primary source for connecting your employees to your clients.  With the increased need for employees to work remotely and the expansion of the mobile workforce, the desire for enhanced communications has now increased exponentially.  To meet these demands, Allworx Engineers created the Reach app to allow the Android and iPhone to become working phones on the main Allworx Connect 731 business phone system.

Allworx Connect 731

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