Virtualization is not just for the enterprise.  Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are also understanding the incredible benefits of joining the virtual world.  VMware is the world leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure and VMWare’s vSphere for SMBs is the industry’s leading SMB virtualization platform.  VMWare allows SMBs to meet their unique challenges by improving the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications. Through substantial savings from reduced hardware requirements and improved server efficiency, the SMB market for server virtualization has rapidly expanded. VMWare delivers a secure and reliable platform for running resource-intensive, business-critical applications that provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the market today.  One of the most important benefits of virtualizing is that virtualization can reduce the risks of IT outages and data loss.  According to Price Waterhouse, 60% of businesses that lose their data shut down within six months and 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year. Virtualization increases application availability and can dramatically shorten disaster recovery time to assure business continuity preparedness for the SMB.

Virtualizing SMB Applications

 Key Benefits

Protect your business

Get high availability for your existing applications, using the hardware you already have
Enable secure delivery of data, apps, and desktop environments to end users anywhere, from any device
Strengthen security with automated patch management and state-aware, virtualized security policies

Simplify IT and improve productivity

Improve productivity for your end users with collaboration, including integration or mash-ups with other applications to streamline workflow
Simplify SMB IT with intuitive web-based management that keeps technology out of your way while putting it at your service.

Save money

Consolidate workloads from 20 servers to 3 to save on hardware and operating costs
Reduce application costs by 50-75% with an email and collaboration solution that is more cost-effective to deploy and manage
Simplify end user device management with virtualized desktops

Keep your critical apps always up and running

VMWare solutions come with dependable business continuity built-in to protect all your virtualized applications against system failures. When a server outage occurs, affected apps are instantly restarted on intact servers with no human intervention. You can also opt for VMWare fault tolerance to prevent any chance of data loss or disruption due to a server failure. Should an entire site ever go down, applications are automatically replicated to a failover location.

VMWare eliminates planned downtime too: when servers or storage hardware need maintenance, they migrate workloads to other servers with no disruption to users or operations.