Cisco Telepresence TX1310


The Cisco Telepresence TX1310 is designed for a guaranteed immersive virtual experience using medium and large multi-purpose conference rooms. The elegant system consists of a single 65-inch high-resolution plasma screen, triple camera cluster, integrated lighting, and streamlined industrial design. The 1310 series allows organizations to use their existing conference room tables and is designed for up to six participants at one location. The TX1310 provides the ultimate virtual experience that only Cisco Telepresence can deliver while providing you with the flexibility that you need to deploy Cisco Telepresence throughout your organization.  


Capacity:  Up to six participants in one location
Use your existing conference room table
A new platform designed for future, advanced collaboration features
Single screen with up to 1080p60 video resolution, supporting full life-size images, and up to 1080p30 HD content sharing
Single 65-inch high-resolution plasma screen with a three-camera cluster, microphones, and speakers
Automatic segment switching focuses on active speaker
Flexible options for data display, such as presentation-in-picture mode, suitable for space-constrained environments