Cisco Telepresence System 3010

Cisco Telepresence System 3010 combines life-size, ultra-high definition video and multi-channel spatial audio into a boardroom-style system that seats six participants at each location.  This allows for a virtual table with up to 12 participants in a point to point meeting, or up to 372 participants in a multipoint session. The system is optimized through the integration of three plasma screens, three-channel sound, precision microphones, custom lighting, and multiple ultra-high definition codecs and cameras. System 3010 allows your organization to have “in-person” meetings with anyone, anywhere, anytime. By meeting “in-person” with Cisco’s virtual technology, you now have the potential to transform your business by getting closer to customers, suppliers, and colleagues, improving communications with remote groups, and gaining time to market advantages.       


Capacity:  Up to 6 participants in one location
Two-row seating
Three 65-inch plasma screens and a specially designed physical table that seats 6 participants on each side of the virtual table
Additional LCD display for sharing rich media content and other data using simple auto-collaborate functionality
Integrated cameras, lights, microphones, and speakers that optimize the experience and use less power than a Cisco Telepresence System 3000
Seamless integration with all Cisco Telepresence products and solutions to lower total cost of ownership, increase return on investment, and ease deployment