Cisco Business Phone Systems

Since 1994, Computron has been providing the highest quality business phone systems for SMB, corporate, enterprise, government and educational institutions. IP Telephony simplifies, secures, and streamlines telecommunications by utilizing unified communications applications that are processed over IP networks. Computron has teamed with Cisco, the world leader in IP phone systems and enterprise network equipment, to provide a complete enterprise IP telecommunications solution. In addition, Cisco offers the world’s finest SMB telecommunications solution and scales down to a very affordable phone system for as few as 3 users.

Cisco Business Phone Systems for the Enterprise

In the enterprise, the phone is no longer just an instrument to make calls with. Cisco has now made the phone a powerful device that is a central part of their advanced unified communication system (UCS). Cisco’s UCS provides voice, video, data and mobile phone applications that stream information across the globe at lightning speeds. Cisco is the world leader in IP business phone systems. In addition, they lead the world in advanced networking and telepresence solutions. Computron installs and configures the world’s finest business phone systems for enterprise organizations.

Cisco Business Phone Systems for SMB

Small business has many of the same needs as the enterprise when it comes to IP telephony. However, in today’s competitive world, the ideal SMB business model calls for providing the latest advanced unified information systems while at the same time lowering the total cost of ownership. Cisco makes high-performance business phone systems that are simple, cost effective, and easy to manage. Computron has teamed with small business telecommunications leader Cisco to provide the best SMB business phone systems on the market today.