Windstream IP Based Voice and Data

Windstream is one of the nation’s largest providers of communications and technology services.  The company provides advanced network communications, including cloud computing, managed services, broadband, phone, and digital TV services. Computron is a Windstream Sales Partner providing small, midsize and enterprise businesses with the most comprehensive line of advanced products and services available in the IT service industry today.

Smart Solutions for Enterprise Businesses Nationwide

Windstream provides scalable, flexible, enterprise-class solutions for nearly half a million business customers of all sizes nationwide, including 4 out of 5 of the Fortune 500 customers.    

Data Center Solutions

Physical IT Infrastructure
Full line of Managed Hosting Services
Cloud Computing Services
Disaster Recovery

Enterprise Solutions

MPLS Networking
VoIP Service
Network security
Internet Access
T-1 Line
Private Line and Frame Relay

Small Business Solutions

T-1 Line