Allworx Reach and Reach Link


Always stay connected with Allworx Reach. The Reach mobile app extends the rich functionality of your Allworx VoIP communication system right to your iOS and Android devices. Allworx Reach Link ensures a seamless voice experience, even as your mobile data network changes.

Allworx Reach Highlights

•Enjoy the new mobility-integration features with Allworx Verge™ IP phones including personal contact sharing, instant call hand-offs, and many more.
•Transfer, hold, and park calls with a single touch.
•Make easy 3-way calls.Access call history, see parked calls, & call into scheduled conference calls.
•Search across Allworx system users and extensions, and personal mobile contacts.
•Check voicemail messages.
•Change presence setting.

Allworx Reach Link Highlights

•Keep active Reach calls connected as you move from Wi-Fi to a 4G cellular network, and vice versa.
•Choose from several one-touch options to recover interrupted Reach calls in real time.
•Control the manual option to keep active 4G Reach calls on 4G, regardless of the Wi-Fi availability.

Popular Uses 

•Road executives who always want to be within reach on their business numbers.
•Legal and health care professionals who need to be reachable without giving out their personal number.
•Employees who work in a distributed work area such as car dealerships, retail showrooms, and schools.